Private Events

Because the Tacoma Yacht Club is a private, member owned facility we require that a member sponsor all events.

Sponsored Events

A Member may sponsor extended family, friends or organizations that are not club members and these persons or entities may cater events at the Tacoma Yacht Club in accordance with the Club Catering Policy.  A member, acting as a sponsor, may not pass their membership privileges to the sponsored person or entity.  Sponsoring members must be in attendance during the entire function and are responsible for the actions of all guests attending.  The sponsoring member is responsible for all charges and will be billed directly through their club account.  All accounts are due and payable within 1 week after the function.  (The term entity used here includes but is not limited to, organizations, corporations, businesses and clubs, whether social, civic or commercial.)  The catering facilities are not to be used for commercial enterprise, and certain types of functions may be restricted.

Member Events

A member event is defined for our purpose as a personal event (i.e. wedding reception, family re-union, memorial, birthday party etc.) hosted by the actual member, spouse or minor children. As a benefit to club membership member personal events are subject to only 50% of the required room rental fees. Member usage other than those types of events listed above does not qualify for the above discount. 

Reciprocal Events

Reciprocal Members may make use of the Tacoma Yacht Club facilities for catered events and do not require a TYC sponsor. Proof of reciprocity and a credit card account on file with the office is required.

Contact Us

For information on availability and reservations for your banquet or reception at the Tacoma Yacht Club, contact our Clubhouse & Events Manager:

Michelle Johnson
(253) 752-3555

Click here to download our Full Catering Packet in PDF format.